Gallery Introduction

‘We have long come to realize that art is not produced in an empty space, that no artist is independent of predecessors and models, that he no less than the scientist and the philosopher is part of a specific tradition and works in a structured  area of problems. The degree of mastery within this framework and, at least in certain periods, the freedom to modify these stringencies are presumably part of the complex scale by which achievement is being measured.’

This text by Ernst Kris  comes  to mind when we see what is happening now in the field of Chinese Contemporary Art. The strong position of  a fast growing number of artists, which they have claimed among the famous avant-garde painters of  today, is a proof of their capability to cope with and comment the fast changing society in which they live.
It is with great pleasure and respect that we represent them in this part of Europe.

It is the unequalled pace of  change in China, and the maybe frightening uncertainty of all these changes, that is an intense motive for the artists to chronicle what is being lost and to reflect the outcome of  all changes.
This comment now is of no less importance to the Western world .
It is the intention of our Gallery to show the beauty of these new forms, created by the best Chinese Contemporary artists.
At the same time we will continue to show the art of similar Western artists.


Drs Willem Kerseboom


 Gallery History

Founded in 1990 by Willem Kerseboom(1948)
In the early years buying and selling art from the interbellum.
Since 1995 the focus was on Geometrical Abstraction from 1945-1970 and Zero.
From 2003 onwards more and more functioning as a gallery for Asian Contemporary Art.



Prins Hendriklaan 11

1862EK Bergen

the Netherlands

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mobilphone: +31 653512379

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Feng Zhengjie

(Sichuan/ China,1968)

Feng Zhengquan

Yin Kun


geometrical abstraction 1945-1970




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