Li Mingzhu

1973 Born in Tianjin, XiaoZhan, China

1992 Tianjin Normal School, Art Major

1996 Chinese Academy of Arts, Department of Oil Painting

Currently lives and works in Beijing, China


2006 A ticket to Beijing, Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

PAN Artfair, Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Beijing Background, Dashanzi Art Festival, Beijing 798, China
Today Art Exhibition, New York, USA
Appetizer Sampler Plate - 4 people Exhibition, Beijing 798, China

Chinese Contemporary Gallery 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Beijing 798, China/England

2005 From Jingdezheng to PVC, Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Chinese Contemporary Gallery, Beijing 789, China

Beijing Art Documentary Exhibition, Beijing 798, China
China (Great Ceramic)/ Landscape, mountain and stream, Pacific International Art Auction

2004 Recommending Exhibition of China International Gallery Exposition, China National Museum

China International Gallery, Recommended by Shiji Hanmo Gallery, China

2003 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, France

2002 Hand in Hand in New Century, the Third China Oil Painting Exhibition, Art museum of China, Dongzhimen, Beijing, China

2001 Made in Countryside, Beijing Daopu Visual Arts Center, Beijing, China

2000 Research and Surpass - Chinese Small Oil Painting Exhibition, Art museum of China
Heart of Chip, Modern Exhibition, Beijing BS Art Office, China

1999 Nominated in New Changes, Tianjin Youth Oil Painting Artist Exhibition, Tianjin Academy of Art, China

Consuming Era Exhibition, Tianjin, China
Deep Respiration - Modern Art Exhibition, Tianjin, China


ceramic statues , 40x 24x 17 cm each


ceramic plate