Luo Fahui

Luo Fahui
1961 Born in Chongqing, China.
1985 Graduated from Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Solo exhibitions
2007 Desire of Spiral Flow, Zhangjiang Contemporary Arts Museum, Shanghai
2006 Unfulfilled Lust & Desire, Indonesia National Archives, Indonesia
2005 Depth of Desire: Luo Fahui’s Oil Painting Exhibition”, Shanghai Art
Museum, Shanghai, China
2004 A Garden of Roses, Macau- Oriental Foundation, Macau, China
2001 Along The Path: Of Being, Hong Kong
2000 Luo Fahui Solo Exhibition, Bloxham Gallery, London, UK
1993 Luo Fahui Painting Exhibition, National Fine Arts Museum of China, Beijing
1990 Luo Fahui Solo Exhibition, Twin Cranes, Seattle, USA

Group exhibitions

2009 'Embrace Suzhou', Suzhou Art Museum ,China

2009 Scope Basel, Willem Kerseboom Gallery
2008 How do I know about the world? By what is within me,Willem Kerseboom
Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2008 Faces and Faces, Dolores de Sierra Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2007 The Third Guiyang Biennial, Guiyang Art Museum, Guizhou, China
Setting Out from Southwest, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guandong, China
From Countryside Modernity to Metropolitan Utopia 1976~2006”, Boyi Gallery, Beijing,
Breaking Through Vision: Five Artists’ Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Painting,
Contemporary Chinese Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand
Transparent Ju, Tibet, China
Post-avant-garde: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hong Kong, China
Red Mountains & Green Water: Sino-Germany Art Traveling Exhibition, Lübeck Gallery &
Speyer Meseum, Germany
2006 Flower or Not, Sung Chuang Art Museum, Beijing, China
Artistic Beijing 2006, Beijing
Arco, Madrid, Spain
Art Miami 2006, Miami, USA
2005 Chengdu Biennial, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu, China
Concept Art: Chinese Contemporary Painting Exhibition, The Tap Seac Gallery, Macau,
A Garden of Roses, Macau-China Delegation. Exhibitions Montpellier China: MC1 Biennale
international, Montpellier, France
2nd Chinese International Galleries Expo, Beijing
2004 Contemporary Oil Paintings from China, Kolkata and National Gallery of Modern Art, India,
New Delhi
2003 Chinese Contemporary Arts Exhibition, London, UK
Chilis Aus Chongqing, Ohio States University Art Museum, USA
Dreams of the Dragon’s Nation: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Irish Museum of
Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland
2001 Chilis Aus Chongqing, Kassel, Germany
Post-Politics, Bloxham Galleries, London, UK
Chengdu Biennial, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu, China