Mosquito Cheng , born 1980.11.

1998.9-2002.7 studied at the Zhejiang Normal University, Academy of Fine Arts China

2002.9-2005.7 studied at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (the direction of oil),

And a master's degree by China Academy


2002: oil painting works, "Forgotten Landscape" exhibition into the "5.23" exhibition in Zhejiang Province

2003: oil painting works, "Miller Township Chronicle" to send the election of the third National Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, Chongqing area has been outstanding award, and published in the "Contemporary Artists" (2003 29)

2004: oil painting works, "I spent," selected 10th National Art Exhibition Chongqing Exhibition

Watercolor works of the "Year 2003" selection of the 10th National Art Exhibition in Chongqing

2005 : oil painting works, "I was a small red flower," published in "Contemporary Artists" (2005 37)

2006: "Library 3818" Contemporary Art Exhibition

2007 : image - with the fable of lies

2007 :mosquito Chen Hung-chi and Wang Xing Exhibition

2007 : the first network Venice Biennale

2008 : engage in their own voice

2008 :situation of contemporary Chinese art exhibition

2008 :Seoul Art Fair

2008 :Chinese Taipei International Art Fair

2008 :Chinese Shanghai International Art Fair

2008 : Chinese Beijing BS1 Museum of Contemporary Art 2008 exhibition nomination

'black tears'

120x150 cm,2008,o/c

'one hundred years of solitude'

150x120 cm,2008

'plum toxic'2

100x100 cm,2008

'plum toxic '3

100x100 cm,2008,o/c


'plum toxic'1

100x100 cm,2008,o/c