Frederick Serger (1889-1965) He was born in Czechoslovakia, studied art in Vienna, and in Munich with the Viennese Secessionists, served with the Austrian Army in World War One, went to Paris where he studied art and became part of the School of Paris movement, married Helen Spitzer, ( later Helen Serger owner of the Helen Serger, La Boetle Galleries in Manhattan) moved to Scoczow in Poland until 1939, meanwhile exhibiting at many museums in Warsaw, Cracow, Salon de Tuilleries and at the famous Salon d'Automme, both in Paris regularly. In 1936 he had a one-man show at Salon and at Bernheim Jeune in Paris at a gallery historically noted for exhibiting many of the most important modern painters such as Picasso and Cezanne. In 1937 the Museum of the City of Paris purchased a Serger from the Salon d'Automme. In 1939 he moved to England and from there to Panama, Guatemala, and Mexico. In 1941 he established a studio on 57th St. in Manhattan and commenced a long career of exhibiting in New York Galleries such as, Lillenfelt Galleries, John Heller, Schoneman, a one-man show at De Young Museum in San Francisco and at the Museum of New Mexico in Santa Fe, at the Springfield Art Museum, and at the Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio; Serger participated in group shows at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, Springfield Museum in Mass., Isaac Delgado Museum in New Orleans, Academy of Fine Arts in Hartford, Norton Gallery in West Palm Beach, Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh, Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C., University of Illinois in Urbana, Pennsylvania Academy of Art, Philadelphia, Detroit Institute of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia, Whitney Museum in New York and in countless other exhibits during the twenty-five years he lived and worked in New York. A listed Woodstock, NY artist. His biography is included in Who is Who in World Jewry and articles on his work appeared in many publications. FREDERICK SERGER HIS LIFE AND WORK by George Stiles published by Schoneman, New York in 1962. central park in winter,73x93 cm sold paris,66x52 cm sold "Southern France" 50x40 cm , o/c sold "Red tree" 72x60 cm , oc , ca 1955 prov: La Boetie, Helen Serger , New York sold "Shower" o/c , 50x65 cm sold Ischia


"Sailingboats in France"

60x70 cm,oil/canvas



50 x 65 cm , o/c


"Still Life in Mallorca"

60 x 80 cm ,o/c


60 x 80 cm , o/c

"Near the lake"

65 x 50 cm , o/c


"Still Life with ananas"

50 x 60 cm ,o/p



45 x 35 cm , o/c



"fauve tree"

70x50 cm,o/p



50 x 60 cm , signed ,oil/canvas




35 x 30 cm, o/p , signed




'at the beach'

39 x 44 cm , o/p , signed





50 x 60 cm , o/c .signed





'garden ,south of france'

50x60 cm , o/p ,signed






60 x 50 cm , o/p ,signed




'village road'

53 x 63 cm ,o/c , signed





'Boulevard at the Riviera,France'

40x50 cm , oil/canvas





"Central Park in Winter"

60x80 cm , oil/canvas







60 x 80 cm ,o/c



2003 exhibition in our gallery




"Five Roses"

65x50 cm , o/c ,1951



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