1960 Born in Chongqing.China
1987 Graduated from Sichuan academy of Fine Arts
1987-2007 Chengdu painting Research Institute, National Grade A Level artist
Currently live and work in Beijing

Solo Exhibitions

1985 “Outstanding students on behalf of individuals exhibition”by Sichuan academy of Fine Arts musem
1989 “To a new understanding of scenery”by Thomas Gallery.Hobart.Australia
1998 “Sketching characters personal development”by Chengdu painting Research Institute
2001 “Su Congs New works”by Sichuan Art Museum

Group Exhibitons

1985-1987 “New Representation”The Southwest Art Exhibition arts groups.Kunming and Chongqing
1988 “Yellow race,No,003”XXII Prix International d’Art Contemporain De Monte-Carlo.
     FONDATION Prince and received the invitation DE MONACO
1989 “Distortionli Series”Paris ESPACE LASER International Art Exhibition
     France I’AM ATUR D”ART International Invitational Exhibition
1991 Some entries exhibition companies live outside the embassy art exhibition
1992 30 small works by the Taiwan Ministry of Education and collection exhibition
1993 British Manchester Art exhibition
1994 Japan International Arts Festival Show
1996 Canadian International Maple Leaf Cup exhibition
1999 “14th Asian International Art Exhibition”Fukuoka
2005 “New York,the Chinese Artists Exhibition”Acc New York
2007 “Their thoughts”cowles gallery.New York

2007 Willem Kerseboom Gallery, PAN artfair Amsterdam ,the Netherlands

     And inthe Asia-Pacific region participated in several Chinese art exhibition and domestic provinces official invitation of outreach and academic exchanges show


Public Collection

     Monaco National Museum
     Chicago art Museum
     Taiwans Ministry of Education
     Sichuan Academy of Art
     Chengdu painting Research Institute




'flower no flower nr 8'

2008,140x140 cm

'yellow race nr 1 '
140x140 cm o/c


'yellow race nr 2'
140x140 cm, o/c


'yellow race nr 3'
140x140 cm ,o/c


'yellow race nr4'
140x140 cm,o/c


'yellow race nr 5'
140x140 cm ,o/c


'yellow race nr 6'
140x140 cm,o/c


'yellow race nr 7'
140x140 cm,o/c


'yellow race nr 8'
140x140 cm,o/c