Zhuang Hong Yi ( Si Chuan, 1961)

Past, present and future

Zhuang's work can be viewed as a journey across the world; wherever Zhuang goes, he gains new experiences and images which are reflected in his paintings. His work is ever evolving, growing ever richer and, consequently, is ever surprising. China, the country where Zhuang was born and embarked on his education, Groningen where he pursued his studies and now Rotterdam where he has his studio.
However, Zhuang's work cannot be classified according to nationality, although many newspaper articles describe him as a young Chinese artist living and working in the Netherlands.
I doubt whether it is useful to label artists according to ethnicity; borders have become relative and the new media bring together worlds that were once hardly aware of one another. The reciprocal influence of artists is world wide and produces new signatures that cannot be ordered ethnically.
Zhuang Hong Yi is a prime example of an artist who draws his inspiration from the environment he originates from and the environment in which he finds himself. Important events in his life also have a powerful impact on his work: the birth of his daughter Lilly made its mark, literally and figuratively.
In Zhuang's work you can follow the story of his past in China; it testifies to great professional skill, in the way he addresses his materials. His experience in the Netherlands enables him to keep on adding new techniques to his mixed methods based on rice paper.
His subject matter, too, reflects an ever-richer artistry. His period in the Groningen countryside, with its sharply-defined, infinite horizons, is echoed in his work, and the dimensions of his sizeable panels could be described as characterizing Rotterdam. Wherever Zhuang goes, he gains experiences, processing them and approaching them with unquenchable enthusiasm and originality. He seeks to fix the essence of his experiences in the work and, when seen in its totality, the result is a long and fascinating journey, which is never boring and which is constantly acquiring fresh elements on the way.
This makes Zhuang Hong Yi, with his unmistakable personal signature, an important artist. He cannot be labelled, he chooses his own route, knows exactly what he wants ­ as is evident from his career history, from Guanghan and the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in Chongqin, China, via Groningen, Finsterwolde, to Rotterdam.
It is exciting to join Zhuang Hong Yi on his travels and to anticipate the next stage in his artistic career. Clearly, his work continues to become more profound and rich, as he willingly unveils for us new perspectives.
Kees van Twist

Groninger Museum
Year 2000



Van 10 november 2007 tot en met 2 maart 2008 is in het Groninger Museum de tentoonstelling Atelier Beijing-Zhuang Hong Yi en Lu Luo te zien geweest. In deze expositie ligt het accent op de werken die Lu Luo (Si Chuan, 1971) en Zhuang Hong Yi (Si Chuan, 1962) recentelijk in hun geboorteland maakten.

De grotendeels monumentale werken vormen de neerslag van hun herinneringen aan de culturele tradities in hun geboortestreek en hun directe contact met Europese culturele verworvenheden. Zo vinden aloude Chinese materialen en motieven een weg in beelden met een op het westen georiënteerde associatiezin en expressiedrift.
Na hun opleiding aan de kunstacademie in hun geboorteplaats Sichuan, China vestigden Zhuang Hong Yi en Lu Luo zich achtereenvolgens in 1992 en 1995 in Groningen om een vervolgopleiding aan Academie Minerva te volgen. In 1999 kregen ze hun eerste Nederlandse tentoonstelling bij Galerie Waalkens te Finsterwolde. Daarna exposeerden beiden met succes in binnen- en buitenland. De ingrijpende maatschappelijke, economische en culturele veranderingen in hun geboorteland stimuleerden hen om in 2007, naast hun atelier in Den Haag, een tweede atelier in Beijing te houden. Nadrukkelijker dan in de werken die in Nederland ontstonden, versmelten oosterse en westerse elementen tot geheel nieuwe, poëtische beelden.

Eerdere tentoonstelling
Het Groninger Museum heeft in 2001 eerder monumentale werken van de kunstenaar Zhuang Hong Yi gepresenteerd.




150x110 cm